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5 Best Pizza YouTube Channels in 2023

5 Best Pizza YouTube Channels in 2023

Who doesn’t love pizza, right? It’s one of our most popular foods, and making your own pizza at home is both fun and extremely delicious!

While it’s relatively easy to make a tasty homemade pizza, you still need some practice and skills, and there’s no better source to get those skills than YouTube!

There are plenty of pizza-making and baking channels on YouTube, and quite a few are both very educational and entertaining. If you follow the right one, you can become a pizza chef in your kitchen in no time at all! 

This article lists five of the very best pizza YouTube channels. They offer plenty of tips and tricks and have easy-to-follow recipes and tutorials. 

So if you want to become a pro at making homemade pizza, all you have to do is keep reading!

Vito Iacopelli

a screenshot of Vtio Iacopelli's pizza YopuTube channel

An article like this one can only begin with a genuine Italian pizza baker, wouldn’t you agree? And Vito Iacopelli is as natural and professional as it can get!

He’s from Southern Italy and has been making pizza all his life. This guy is the real deal, and his channel is undoubtedly one of the best pizza channels out there!

Vito has run his channel for eight years and has produced hundreds of really cool, engaging, and visually appealing videos.

He talks about everything from making the perfect dough to the best homemade pizza sauces to how to bake the perfect Neapolitan pizza.

What I like most about Vito is that he is himself. He is an authentic Italian, who sometimes struggles a little with the English language, but still manages to get his message and teaching across in every video!

It’s a pleasure watching his videos and seeing how easy it can be to create super-delicious Italian pizzas!

When it comes to baking pizza, Vito is a true artist!

Here is one of his best and most popular videos. Go check out his channel right now:

Vincenzo’s Plate

a screenshot of the pizza and italian food making channel vincenzo's plate

Surprise! It’s yet another Italian pizza channel! Although focusing on all kinds of Italian foods, Vincenzo has some of YouTube’s best pizza tutorials on his channel!

He goes into depth and explains every step in great detail, which is super important when making pizza, especially pizza dough!

My husband Max has struggled to make dough for a long time, and checking Vincenzo’s Plate’s dough tutorials has helped improve his skills a lot.

I also appreciate the high production value of Vincenzo’s videos, as he includes plenty of visual and audio elements to make his content more appealing.

And the fact that he practically aces any Italian dish he tries to make shows that this guy is really good at his trade. You can learn how to make great pizzas from him, and if you like, go beyond that and try other Italian recipes and specialties at home.

Here’s one of his most helpful pizza dough videos that has been a real game-changer for us at home:


a screenshot of the pizza oven manufacturer Ooni's youtube channel

Now we are leaving the Italians behind and move on to a slightly different pizza-baking channel. Ooni is a pizza oven manufacturer that has managed to build a very content-rich and helpful YouTube channel.

But rather than just focusing on their products, they decided to go broad and include a ton of helpful pizza baking and gear tips, which is a massive plus for a company-based YouTube channel!

They focus on topics that you really see on the tube, but that can be very important to get things right.

Examples of such topics include:

  • Why pizza stone temperature matters
  • How to make sourdough pizza
  • Pizza dough hydration
  • How to make thin-crust 

Those are things you may want to learn if you want to go next level, and Ooni’s channel will help you achieve that!

I also find the videos on their portable pizza ovens very interesting. Sure, they include their own product line, but portable outdoor pizza ovens have become extremely popular, and Ooni produces high-quality gear, so why shouldn’t they push their products?

A very helpful and professional pizza YouTube channel that doesn’t just focus on selling its stuff to you. 

Here’s their tutorial on making sourdough pizza. We’ve tried this one at home, and it’s blown us away. Make sure to try this one out:

Jamie Oliver

a screenshot of jamie oliver's food youtube channel

Next up is a more general food channel. Jamie Oliver is a known profile who can cook up anything and make it look and taste super yummy.

If you search his channel for pizza, you’ll get quite a few interesting results that fit families with kids especially.

He has recipes and tutorials on quick homemade pizzas that you can do together with your loved ones.

And the way he presents them is, as always, educational, entertaining, and fun to watch.

I especially like the videos he did together with his kids.

They clearly show how much the little ones enjoy making food with their parents, and spending quality time with them in the kitchen, away from the TV or any other screen, is always beneficial and enjoyable to all!

Here is a video on how to make a quick family pizza. We often make this one at home with our two little daughters, and they both love making and eating it:


a screenshot of the food youtube channel tasty

The last pizza-baking channel on our list is a regular YouTube giant. Buzzfeed’s food channel Tasty has taken the internet by storm, and if you check any of their hundreds and hundreds of videos, you quickly understand why.

While also covering a wide variety of foods and cooking methods, Tasty has many really detailed and highly engaging videos on making homemade pizza.

Their productions are top-notch (because they have the budget), and you can learn a ton of exciting and interesting stuff from their videos.

I especially like their focus and detail on various ingredients.

They really go into great depth and explain how different types and brands of flour, sauces, yeasts, cheeses, sausages, and other things work and when to use what.

These are super important details that many of us don’t know when making pizza at home.

But trust me; they can make all the difference. And Tasty really manages to highlight that.

Here’s an example of such an in-depth video in which the Tasty crew goes through everything about homemade pizza. It’s so educational:

Final Thoughts

These are our top picks of the best pizza YouTube channels in 2023.

We hope you’ll find the article and the channel useful and that they will help you make a better pizza at home.

We are aware of the fact that there are probably many other great channels out there, and this list is by no means complete.

It’s just our personal preferences, as all of the above channels have taught us many incredible recipes and made us better pizza bakers.

Feel free to drop a comment below if you know of other awesome pizza channels that we should check out and include in future articles!

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