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About Tania Loesche

My Life & Work Story

Tania doing what she does best, baking delicious things in her kitchen at home

Hi, I’m Tania. I’m part French and part Swedish, and I live in Sweden with my family. How I ended up here is a long story.

I was born in India and adopted by a French couple. I grew up in France and moved to Sweden to study. When I met my German husband Max there, we created our life together in that beautiful country.

We got two daughters and settled in a little city near the shores of the Baltic Sea. 

I always had an interest in arts and did oil painting for a few years before I got my first child. I loved creating and using strokes of thick paint to create volume and contrast in my paintings.

But children take a lot of room and time, so I stopped painting when I had my first kid, but the artist in me needed to come out though, and then so I searched for another way to express myself.

When my first daughter turned one, I decided that I would bake her birthday cake myself, and I did it: a delicious cake with chocolate ganache filling covered in pink fondant.

My decorating skills were quite basic back then, but I was quite proud of the result. I always had an interest in baking, but as my husband doesn’t like pastries, I didn’t bake much before.

Now I had a little crowd (my daughter and her friends) to entertain, so I started to bake for any occasion; birthdays, public holidays, etc.

Why I love baking

The more I baked, the better I became, and every occasion was an opportunity to experiment, trying new techniques, combining new flavors, understanding ingredients, and making it work regardless of the initial idea I had in mind.

I love the challenges that baking brings, and I rarely do exactly the same project twice. I always try to add something new to the mixture.

Long-term goals for

I love learning new things, and sharing knowledge doesn’t cost anything, but it makes people richer somehow.

I know that it takes time to gather information, test different techniques, and compare ingredients, but as a former teacher and librarian, I’m more than happy to share with you what I’ve learned during the past 10 years.

My goal with this site is to bring you the knowledge and the confidence that what you’ll learn will make you a smarter and wiser consumer.

Accomplishments and education

My life is made up of many academic years. I love learning and reading, and I spent way too many years at university as a student. I have two bachelor’s degrees, one in French specializing in administration and pedagogic and one in English literature, civilization, and culture.

I also have a master’s degree in library and information sciences specializing in digital services. Additionally, I have also acquired a non-university-related degree: vocational training as a technical writer.

This background led me to exciting jobs. I was a language teacher for teenagers and adults, as well as a high school and university librarian. I love teaching and helping people, so with the possibilities of e-learning, it was only a matter of time before I started there too.

A couple of years ago, I started working as a coach, helping people find a way to give room to their passion in their hectic life, and the experience was amazing.

It was so rewarding to see people lighting up when they finally dared to make their dream come true when they embraced their talents or shared their passion with their loved ones and joined a community with a common interest.

It was truly an amazing time, but with two kids living in Sweden, I wanted to be more present and in the moment and less bound to my work schedule. So I needed a more flexible work time-wise.

What led me to be present online is my understanding of the impact of having a mobile in my pocket.

Whenever I need information, I just google it, and I know exactly what I need to know in a matter of seconds.

The teacher, the librarian, and the baker in me listened to my husband’s advice to start

Personal life goals

My goal now is to create stability for my family so my children can grow in a safe and enriching environment. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I’m thankful for crossing your life today.