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5 Best Bread Baking YouTube Channels in 2023

5 Best Bread Baking YouTube Channels in 2023

Baking your own bread at home is fun and can save a lot of money. But let’s face it; it can be challenging to make tasty bread. 

And while reading books can be a good start, I actually learn a lot more from watching bread-baking YouTube channels. 

Some of those channels are extremely helpful and entertaining, making it easy to acquire the necessary skills to make the perfect homemade bread.

The YouTube channels presented in this article offer easy-to-follow bread-baking tutorials, share plenty of tips and hacks, explain the gear and ingredients used to make homemade bread, and mix all that with a good portion of humor and high-quality video production. 

So if you want to improve your bread-baking skills, learn how to make artisan bread, and are looking for a helpful bread-baking channel to follow on YouTube, you better keep reading!

Brian Lagerstrom

a screenshot of the Brian Lagerstrom bread and food youtube channel

Brian is a professional chef and baker, and his channel is, hands down, the best bread-baking channel on YouTube today!

He makes really entertaining and super detailed videos on any type of bread you can think of.

I especially appreciate all of his beginner-friendly bread-making tutorials. They are spot-on, and every step is explained extremely well.

Brian makes making homemade bread look insanely simple, and if you follow all of the steps in his videos, it actually is!

He’s a food YouTuber at his finest, and thanks to his great sense of humor and laid-back attitude, his videos are a true joy to watch!

Here’s one of his best bread tutorials:

We’ve tried to make our ciabatta loafs this way, and they turned out very crusty, fluffy, and insanely delicious.

This is our latest loaf. So good!

a freshly baked ciabatta loaf based on a bread recipe from YouTube
A perfect homemade ciabatta

PRO TIP: Brian also has many videos on making other types of foods and dishes. His pizza tutorials are out of this world, so be sure to check those out as well!

Bake with Jack

a screenshot of the bread youtube channel bake with jack

Jack is a highly-skilled baker from England and runs a YouTube channel dedicated to bread baking.

While focusing on all aspects of making homemade bread, he focuses a lot on yeasts and doughs, which is extremely helpful and valuable, especially for beginners.

Can’t make your dough rise? Wonder why your dough is always sticky? Don’t know what type of yeast to use?

If those problems sound familiar to you, then Bake with Jack is definitely a good pick for you!

He addresses all of those (and many other) common issues, explains why they happen, and how to avoid them.

Here is a video I found especially helpful. Sticky doughs are always a pain when baking bread at home!

Bincy Chris

a screenshot of the bincy chris food and baking youtube channel

Bincy Chris’s channel is a true allrounder. She covers everything from cookies, sweets, rolls, cakes, and bread.

Almost all of her videos are pure step-by-step tutorials, and they are great for beginners or home bakers who want to try out new recipes.

What I find most interesting about this cooking and baking channel is the unusual and exotic types of bread recipes Bincy presents.

There are great and delicious recipes for whole-wheat bread, seed bread, brioche buns, rose rolls, and many others.

Some of the more curious and uncommon recipes include jalapeno cheddar bread, cinnamon apple pull-apart bread, or cheese-filled pita bread.

This kind of content is super exciting and makes Bincy Chris’ channel unique and stick out of the crowd.

So if you’re into trying out different and new types of bread recipes, this channel is most certainly the right one for you!

Here is a fantastic video on how to make soft whole-wheat bread. It’ll blow you away:


a screenshot of the bread baking youtube channel breadtopia

While Breadtopia is one of the smaller bread-making YouTube channels, it’s certainly got plenty of really great tips and many years of experience.

This expert baking channel primarily emphasizes healthy bread-baking based on sourdough and whole grain.

You wouldn’t believe how delicious some of their bread recipes are. These guys really know their trade!

Working with sourdough and whole-grain ingredients and proofing can be challenging, which is why channels like Breadtopia are so essential.

This is bread-making 2.0, but thanks to this channel’s many helpful videos, you can learn how to bake whole-grain and sourdough bread in no time!

So if you’re into making super delicious and healthy bread at home, Breadtopia won’t disappoint you.

Here’s one of their best and most informative videos on how to make and manage a sourdough starter.

Sourdough Enzo

a screenshot of the baking channel sourdough enzo
Sourdough Enzo YouTube Channel

This last bread-baking channel is a relatively new channel from Canada.

Sourdough Enzo has perfected the art of making bread shorts on YouTube. The number of views these guys get on their YouTube shorts is incredible!

And if you check out some of their scoring shorts, which they focus on the most, you will understand why.

What you will see isn’t just artisan bread; it’s pure art!

And while their shorts are fairly, well, short, and there is no explanation on how to score the bread, the videos are nonetheless very well made, and it’s easy to see and follow all the steps.

With the right tools, you can definitely get similar results.

I hope this channel will continue making amazing videos and grow to become huge because these guys deserve all the attention they get.

I am sure they will make more in-depth tutorials on how to score sourdough bread if they continue!

In the meantime, go and check out this black cocoa sourdough score. It may make you cry. It’s really that beautiful!

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