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How Do You Eat Muffins? (5 Best Ways + 1 Bonus Tip)

How Do You Eat Muffins? (5 Best Ways + 1 Bonus Tip)

Who doesn’t like to eat muffins! They are super delicious and come in virtually endless flavor combinations. 

Most people would agree that they are pretty easy to eat, but how exactly do you eat a muffin? Are there different ways? And is there a best way to eat your muffin?

There are quite a few ways to eat your muffin. You can either leave the wrapper on or off when eating your muffin, bite into it, tear out bite-sized chunks, or cut it into smaller pieces that you can then eat with either your fingers or a fork. 

Muffins are naturally crumbly, which you have to be aware of when eating them. 

To find out how to best eat them (with or without any crumbs), all you have to do is keep reading this article! 

What Is the Best Way to Eat a Muffin?

We enjoy baking and eating muffins a lot in our family, and we’re not opposed to the occasional Starbucks muffin either.

The point is that we eat them fairly often and have hence eaten them in all possible messy and clean ways. I’d like to blame the kids for the messy ones, but it’s really all of us!

Because muffins are crumbly and eating them is not always the cleanest nor easiest thing to do.

And everyone’s got their way of eating muffins!

While I don’t care if I spread a ton of crumbs on the table or floor, my husband Max really doesn’t like to do so and tries to get as much out of his muffin as he possibly can.

The point is that there are different ways and that all of them work. You just have to find the one that works best for you so that you can enjoy your muffin to the fullest extent.

In order to help you along, I decided to write this article! My oldest daughter Temperance was eating one of my homemade chocolate muffins the other day, which was the perfect opportunity to take a few pictures.

The article will show you the five most common and smoothest ways of eating a muffin.

Let’s check them out!

Fully Wrapped

a little girl eating a chocolate muffin in its wrapper

I think most people eat their muffins with the wrapper still on, as it’s probably the quickest and easiest way of doing it!

You can either directly bite into your muffin while holding it with the wrapper still around it or tear out bite-sized chunks with your fingers.

If you’re going to bite directly into your muffin, make sure you start from the top. Otherwise, the wrapper will get in the way, and you might end up biting into it as well.

Both ways will ensure a reasonably non-messy way of enjoying your muffin, as the kept wrapper will act as a small plate or cup, preventing any crumbs from falling.

This way, you will be able to eat your muffin in its entirety if that’s what you are aiming at. (This is my husband’s favorite way of eating muffins, by the way).

Partially Unwrapped

a little girl eating a chocolate muffin with a partically unwrapped wrapper

You can also unwrap your muffin progressively as you are eating it.

Some people, including my daughter Temperance, find it difficult to eat the muffin with the wrapper still on (partly because she’s got a smaller mouth, I guess), as they often won’t get out all of the pieces.

Their muffin just ends up with a giant hole in the middle.

Peeling off one side of the wrapper and eating into that side will prevent such an issue.

The more you dig into it, the more you can unwrap your muffin, which will allow you to get to the edges as well.

Of course, this way of eating your muffin implies a fair amount of crumbling, so be ready for that!

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Totally Unwrapped

a little girl holding an unwrapped chocolate muffin

This is another very common and easy way of devouring your muffin. Before digging into it, you just undress it by taking off its wrapper entirely.

As soon as the wrapper comes off, you can hold the “naked” muffin in your hand and start to enjoy it; no paper or stuck muffin pieces to worry about!

Naturally, this method also means a lot of crumbling.

Furthermore, if you’re not careful or using a plate, there is a risk of entire chucks falling to the floor! So be careful when eating your naked muffin!

Cut Into Pieces

a little girl cutting a muffin into four equal pieces with a knife

If you are using a plate with your muffin, you can also take a knife and cut your naked muffin into smaller pieces.

This makes for smoother eating, and thanks to the plate, any smaller pieces or crumbs can be saved and conveniently picked up after you’ve eaten the cut main parts of your muffin.

The number of pieces you cut your muffin into depends on the size of the muffin and your personal preferences.

We often cut smaller and medium-sized muffins into four equally-sized quarters, as they are easy to pick up and fit perfectly in your mouth.

Large-sized muffins can instead be cut into eight or more pieces.

With a Fork

a muffin cut into pieces being eaten with a fork

Another way of eating your naked muffin is by using a fork.

This method can perhaps be seen as somewhat more “civilized” and often used during social gatherings or restaurants.

You can use the fork to cut your muffin and pick up the smaller pieces.

Some people also like to use a fork with a still-wrapped muffin. Personally, I don’t find that way very practical, though, as you commonly won’t be able to pick up all the pieces from within the wrapper.

So if you prefer using a fork for your muffin, unwrap it and put it on a plate!

Bonus: Turn Your Muffin Into a Cupcake

a little girl eating a muffin with icing on it

Here is a little secret for you: muffins are really just cupcakes without the icing!

So, if you want to pimp your muffin, just put some icing or butter creme on it to turn it into a delicious cupcake.

It’s very quickly done and can make your muffin even yummier!

When Do You Eat Muffins?

The most common times of day to eat muffins are in the morning, for breakfast, or in the afternoon, as a snack.

That’s when most people will eat their muffins, but honestly, you can enjoy them at any time of the day!

Some people like to eat them as a dessert after lunch or dinner, while others eat them as a midnight snack.

Muffins are also great for trips; my daughter always takes a muffin or two with her on a school trip.

Max, my husband, loves to take them with him on his fishing trips, as they are so quickly eaten and will fill him up for hours.

So, it’s really up to you to decide when to enjoy a muffin.

PRO TIP: I would suggest not eating one just before bedtime though, as they can be quite heavy on the stomach. Especially the whole wheat kind!

Do You Eat Muffins Hot or Cold?

This is another highly subjective question. Some people love their freshly baked, hot muffins, while others enjoy them cold after a couple of hours or even days. 

I am somewhat of a goldilocks person when it comes to muffins: not too warm and not too cold (read old). 

While science has debunked the myth that hot bread doesn’t digest, it can still give you a bad stomach ache because you are more likely to wolf that warm and fresh muffin down way too fast. 

Additionally, I find that giving your muffin some time to cool down allows it to unlock its flavors much more.

That being said, I still prefer my muffins fresh, as they will often dry out and lose some of their flavor after a few days. 

PRO TIP: You can revive old and dry muffins by microwaving them for 10-20 seconds. While this will make them reasonably fresh again, it won’t bring back their original taste. 

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